Why Chiropractor need chiropractic drop Board ?

portable chiropractic drop board in chiropractic work

Nowadays , Chiropractic table is essential equipment in chiropractic clinic . without chiro table , chiropractor are unable give their best adjusting to the patents . But in this new century and in post-pandemic era , how to provide chiropractic adjustment service ?

The COVID – 19 caused people stay distance from home to shopping mall , cinema and   chiropractic clinic etc ..  many store has been due to income declined . So chiropractic clinics wants to keep running have to make some changes , such as provide door to door service , limiting patient visiting , disinfect every table covers etc.  

The door to door service is more recommended to chiropractor . But provide this service you should have a folding portable chiropractic table with drop board and height adjustable function , if you don’t want to take the portable chiropractic table do door to door service , you may take portable chiropractic drop board . 

Such as toggle headpiece , portable pelvic – lumbar drop board , portable extremity drop board  and pelvic bock board . These chiropractic drop board is very small and request less maintenance work , very suitable to use in chiropractic adjustment door to door service .portable drop boards are required at some school (Life West , Palmer ), and they are great for practicing your impulse, and extremity adjusting. 

An anterior thoracic boards is a great buy, but also an incredibly easy DIY build. Many chiropractor use them because some travel table is very soft and squishy. 

Look into JINCI Medical. You can get many varieties of chiropractic drop board built in, as well as an integrated anterior thoracic board. The chiropractic drop board are crisp and simply feel better for adjusting. You can pre-stress them very well. More over they don’t big and heavy like portable chiropractic table and you can take it to everwhere any time .

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