Why Jinci ?

why Jinci (矜慈)be the brand name ?

Jinci is the pronunciation of Chinese words 矜慈 .

Jin(矜) represents self-respect , be dignified in manner . Ci (慈)represents benevolent , harmony . So We Jinci will keep it as belief to manufacturing and supplying reliable medical product to customer in worldwide !

With the belief all our medical product are manufacturing in High Quality Management System and Sourcing Product by High Standards Requirements (IOS 1382 /CE /SGS)

Here are product we manufacturing and supplying in our online store :

chiropractic products : chiropractic drop board , portable Chiropractic table for chiropractor use

Health analyzer products : Bioresonance Body Scanner , Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer for healthcare hospitals /clinic use

Physiotherapy products : cold laser machine , Tens device , knee cpm machines , wireless ultrasound therapy machines for physiotherapist use

Imagining sytem : wireless ultrasound liner probe , wireless ultrasound convex probe , wireless Doppler ultrasound for Sonographer use .

Traditional Chinese Medical device : acupuncture point finder and stimulation device ,needle etc Chinese medical device

Massage and Beauty products : thumb saver , Thera Press deep muscle massage tool for body worker use

Consume products : face-mask , gloves , face-paper etc product for hospital , clinic , personal use .

Jinci will exploring more excellent medical product and supply to customer in worldwide !!!

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